What is Umá?

Umá ('farm' in Bisaya, Hiligaynon, Bikolano and other dialects) is a business-to-business (B2B) data-driven solutions platform that provides Sold Before Harvest® online service. Sold Before Harvest® is our solution to the main agricultural problems of wastage and oversupply. Ordering even before the produce is harvested allows our growers to anticipate logistical and operational activities, and to ensure the freshness of the produce delivered to your business.

We give our partner growers the liberty to publish their products, input their own prices and control their delivery schedule. Through the app, businesses are able to connect, order and schedule directly with growers.


Farming Forward

Since 2018, we’ve aimed to deliver on a simple promise: to revolutionize Philippine agriculture and bring value to our users by integrating technology that drives innovation and respects heritage practices.

Understanding the vital role farmers play in the protection of our future, our goal is to empower and enrich our users with solutions that address transparency, quality, and consistency issues that currently affect the supply chain of fresh produce.

Simplyfing the lives of our farmers and serving our customers with only the best in quality, we want to reshape farming in the Philippines for the future.

iFarms, Inc.

We are the company behind Umá - a growing team of young professionals that aims to dignify agriculture through technology. We are committed to revolutionizing agriculture in the Philippines and bringing value to our producers by integrating technology that drives innovation and respects heritage practices. We move forward without ever forgetting our roots.


Jairus Ferrer
President & Founder

Abbey Manliclic
Lead Product Designer

Carmeline Ramos
Admin Manager

Peter Domingo
Supply Chain Manager

Jo Barbosa
Business Development

Elijah Veridiano
Social Media Manager

Atty. Inky Reyes
Chief Legal Officer

Cat Triviño
Lead Marketing and Communications

Allan Steven Reyes
Full Stack Web Developer

Jessie Adante
Mobile App Developer

Meufe Bacarro
Operations Specialist